CLOSED – Santa Ana 100% LTV – Funded

CLOSED – Santa Ana 100% LTV – Funded

santa-ana-pics-1This was a solid acquisition by one of our best clients. He picked up this Santa Ana fixer up for $250,000 and he is going to be putting about $50,000 into it with a new remodel. After the rehab he expects the ARV (After Repair Value) to be somewhere between $475,000 – $500,000. A very big return for this day and age.

The Loan

The private money loan we provided our client was one of the best that we offer. We provided him 100% of the purchase price, or in this case the entire $250,000. This enable hime to complete the entire project with only having to come up with the rehab funds and the closing costs. With having 100% LTV options for borrowers it means that they can leverage their own money and maximize their profits.

We at were able to complete this transaction for our client in 9 days.

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